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New CLEC Collocator Employee/Contractor Badge Requests

CenturyLink Collocator employees or contractors requiring access to CenturyLink facilities for a period of thirty days or longer are required to request a CenturyLink photo identification access card (badge). The process requires that the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) Single Point of Contact (SPOC) submit an electronic facility request form on behalf of the CLEC employee or contractor using the link provided below.

NOTE: CLEC SPOCs that have not yet been provided with login credentials for the CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request Web site must first request a CenturyLink External Facility Only Corporate User ID (CUID) and password. The form and E-mail address necessary to request the login credentials, along with other helpful information, is located in the Collocation - CenturyLink Premises Access Overview.

Existing CLEC Badge User Change Requests

Collocators with an existing CenturyLink-issued photo identification access card (badge) may request renewal of badges, change/add access requirements, request deactivation, report badges as lost/stolen or as damaged/defective. Card holders are required to have the CLEC SPOC complete and submit an electronic facility access request using the link below. The request will be submitted to the CenturyLink Collocation Manager for approval and then forwarded to the CenturyLink Physical Security Access Control Center (ACC) to add/change/remove access.

Click here to enter the CenturyLink CLEC Badge Access Request Web site